About Upon Reflection


About UponReflection

Upon Reflection is all about ancient alphabets, ancient symbols and ancient civilisations.

Originally the site was started by one person with an interest in the Occult and anthropology but soon expanded to include several like minded individuals who wanted to produce a resource for symbol alphabets and ancient symbols in general.

The site itself has been running from 2001 and has gone through many transformations forever growing to include more information. It has recently undergone a complete transformation with regards to design and overall navigation, bringing all the individual sites together and making it easier to navigate between them all.

Our aims for the future are to expand on the information we already have; produce templates for schools and education establishments as we have so many requests for class projects; bring back our extremely popular forum and blog, so that we can share the weird and whacky as well as grow a community of information and like minded individuals.

We hope you enjoy this site and find the answers to your questions and quests. Good luck and happy browsing.

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