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Scottish Island to become International Yoga Camp | Upon Reflection


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Scottish Island to become International Yoga Camp

Followers of Indias most popular lifestyle guru Swami Ji, aka Baba Ramdev, have bought the tiny North Ayrshire island of Little Cumbrae for £2million. The 700acres of uninhabited land will now be converted into an international yoga camp called Peace Island.

Baba Ramdev’s special brand of “pranayama yoga” has 80million followers worldwide who praise the man’s charisma, straight talking and the health benefits of his strict vegetarian diet, stretching routines and the circular breathing techniques that he promotes. Sunita Podder, 49, the island’s new owner, says before pranayama she was overweight and taking 12 tablets a day.

The ceremony to bless Little Cumbrae (to be known as Peace Island) attracted global interest. The Poddar family told the BBC they want to share what they have learned from the swami with the rest of Scotland. Mrs Poddar, in fact, says she is on a mission to use Swami Ji’s yoga as part of a 10-year campaign to clean up the poor health of the nation.

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