Today a reader pointed us towards two different genealogy resources which look ideal for any person keen on answering the question of ‘who am i?’ Whether you are looking for a tangible ancestral history, or a more general idea of where you came from, one of these sources should be of help to you.

The first is – a company based entirely around helping people build their family tree. The beauty of their system is that all of their records are online, giving you instant access to them and making it really quick and easy to research your UK history and create a family tree. You can search census records, births, deaths and marriages.

If you’d prefer something a bit more general to introduce you to the subject, try the Who do you think you are? Magazine. Based on the BBC series, the magazine explores the stories broadcast in the show, but also offers advice on tracing your own roots. There are also sections on local history and historic events that affected your ancestors. You can find out more about the Magazine here.

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