If you are a fan of the Body In Balance tv channel on Sky, you are probably familiar with Maya Fiennes yoga routines. She combines a powerful mix of Kundalini yoga practices with meditation and mantras that are designed to help you to balance your Chakras. What you might not be aware of, is that Maya’s practices are available on DVD, in boxsets to suit your needs. For instance, in her best selling boxset, Maya covers chakras 4 and 5, the Love and Truth Chakras, with an individual practice for each. This is the 2nd set in a series of 3 sets called, ‘A Journey Through the Chakras’ which follows on from “Kundalini Yoga with Maya Fiennes, Courage, Creativity & Will Power”. Based on the style of yoga called Kundalini, Maya’s classes are fun, uplifting, and above all inspirational and is an effective practice for all ages and levels of ability.

The boxsets are available from Play.com from £11.99 with free delivery.

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