Looking for a cheap present for someone into ‘all this new age stuff’? You can’t go wrong with the Meditation set from CD WOW!. For just £5.99 with free delivery you get; a CD, 35ml of Ylang Ylang diffuser oil, 8 Bamboo reed sticks, 1 ceramic meditation statue and stage to set it all on. The CD is of well-known classical pieces, designed for relaxation and meditation including ‘Dance of the Blessed Spirits’, ‘Peer Gynt Morning’ and ‘Meditation from Thais’.

So we are laying down the gauntlet – if anyone can find an equally cheap and cheerful gift related to anything we like at Upon Reflection (meditation, tarot, runes, chakras, ancient symbols etc) comment below and let us know! There will be a prize for the best gift idea we get.

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