Finger Ogham Leech Finger


Finger Ogham Leech Finger

Each of the ogam characters has a specific place on the left hand, the consonants are positioned on the fingers themselves whereas the vowels are at the base of the fingers.

Finger Ogham Alphabet The consonants are representative of the different lunar months whilst the vowels represent the solar cycles. Five has always been seen as a sacred number traditionally associated with the goddesses and the changing cycles. It is seen as the number which represents the variety and colour of our three dimensional space representing our senses and the five elements: earth, air, fire,water and the soul, these in turn correspond with the seasons.

The five tree vowels are known as the "Sweet Cauldron of the Five Trees" which are represented in Robert Graves' poem.

Ogham Finger Divination

Finger Ogam was used as a form of divination, the left hand was held over either an object or a person and meditated upon. Where ever a vibration or tingle is felt this signifies the answers and circumstances regarding the question.

More commonly known as the ring finger and for marriage, alchemists believed it was directly connected to the heart and mixed all their compounds with it.
Finger Part Tree Meanings
Finger Ogham Leech Finger Tip Willow Willow teaches us that through flexibilty balance and harmony can be achieved with the present situation. It is seen as being more powerful at night as it is ruled by the lunar phases.
Finger Ogham Leech Finger Top Section Hazel Hazel is the wood traditionally used to make divining rods, this speaks of being able to find things out. Hazel is telling us to look to our inner intuition and listen to the advice which is being communicated to us.
Finger Ogham Leech Finger Mid Section Blackthorn Thorn signifies power in both the visible and invisible worlds, it gives the strength needed to resist and defeat adversity. it also aids in protecting against supernatural influences.
Finger Ogham Leech Finger Lower Section Poplar/Aspen Widely used for divining, along with the silver fir, it is closely associated with hope, loss of hope and death. it speaks of asserting mind over body in the hope of overriding destiny and death.

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