Meanings of Flowers, Trees and Plants


Meanings of Flowers, Trees and Plants

Nature was an integral part of the celtic belief system, plants were honoured as teachers and gifts of magic.

Meanings of Flowers Trees and PlantsThe celts believed that everything contained a life force and seen magic in all things they found in their environment.

Below you will find various herbs, shrubs, flowers and trees and their meanings in folklore. They have been split up into alphabetical order just to make life that little bit easier but as this section grows they will be allocated to their own letter.

I hope you find what you are looking for, if there is a plant you would specifically like to see included please contact me and it will be added.

Meaning and Symbolism of Juniper Juniper This is an excellent tree for healing and cleansing especially in curbing the spread of poisons or disease.
Meaning and Symbolism of Larch Larch This is one of the few conifers that sheds its pines in winter. It is often used to rim ceremonial drums. It may be used for protection and inducing visions.
Meaning and Symbolism of Lilly Lilly This symbolizes sorrow and is closely associated to death. It is used to symbolize danger,caution and deadly beauty.
Meaning and Symbolism of Lotus Lotus Used to symbolize intellect, mental energies and illumination. It is used to clear the mind, purify and inspire.
Meaning and Symbolism of Mandrake Mandrake With its root having the appearance of a man and it reportedly screaming when it is removed from the ground it was often used for curses and negative spells.
Meaning and Symbolism of Maple Maple Special for its sugar and syrup it represents success and abundance.
Meaning and Symbolism of Mistletoe Mistletoe Extremely sacred to the druids, when found growing on Oaks it is very magical and is a great catalyst for all spells.
Meaning and Symbolism of Mugwort Mugwort This plant represents clumsiness, awkwardness and ugliness. As may be assumed this plant is used to infer these qualities onto our enemies.
Meaning and Symbolism of Mushrooms Mushrooms Considered to be very enchanted especially regarding faery rings. They were also used to induce visions.
Meaning and Symbolism of Myrrh Myrrh Myrrh symbolizes power, strength, vitality and mysticism, it can be used to increase ones energy and stamina.
Meaning and Symbolism of Nettle Nettle Though prickly it was also a great source of food, it is useful for spells that give an indication of future dangers or pitfalls.
Meaning and Symbolism of Oleander Oleander Symbolising majestic yet deadly beauty because it is poisonous it is good for spells that involve charms, charisma and attraction.
Meaning and Symbolism of Parsley Parsley This is a very popular herb, it represents stability and normalcy. It can be used to stabilise or ground emotions.
Meaning and Symbolism of Pennyroyal Pennyroyal Seen as a majestic and noble plant, it is used to improve ones own status and stature.

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