Germanic Elder Freya's Futhark


Freya's Futhark

The Elder Futhark is the oldest form of the runic alphabet being used from the 2nd to the 8th century.

Freya is portrayed as the goddess of love, beauty and fertility. She is the fairest of all goddesses. people prayed to her for happiness in love, child birth and for good seasons.

Elder Futhark Freya's Eight

runenamelettermeaning divinatory meaning
Germanic Elder Rune Fehu fehuFCattle Cattle were the livelihood of the tribe, that is why this stands for wealth, prosperity and possessions won or earned.
Germanic Elder Rune Uruz uruzUAurochs This rune governs survival, primal strength and speed. It is sometimes referred to as the warrior rune as it took great skill to hunt these large now extinct bison-like animals.
Germanic Elder Rune Thurisaz thurisazThThorn or Giant This runes meaning is especially argued some thinking it protection whereas others see it as obstacles. I prefer the latter as it is always good to have something which can indicate whether something is negative in a casting. This is also known as the troll rune.
Germanic Elder Rune Ansuz ansuzAGod or Mouth This rune governs communication. It is sometimes seen as 'blessings' in the form of spiritual communication.
Germanic Elder Rune Raido raidoRRiding or Cartwheel This rune is the wheel of life with everything moving in cycles. It represents change and action. As the meaning suggests it can also represent travel.
Germanic Elder Rune Kaunaz kaunazK - CTorch The torch is the bringer of light and therefore stands for enlightenment and illumination. This is the fire rune.
Germanic Elder Rune Gifu gifuGGifts This rune governs spiritual gifts and generosity (i.e. the gift of giving). It's keyword could be thought of as exchanges.
Germanic Elder Rune Wunjo wunjoWPerfection or Happiness This is basically the happy rune representing balance and harmony, in tarot it could probably be referred to as the wish card.

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