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Jay-Z Master of the Occult?

Jay-Z Master of the Occult?

According to Mitch Horowitz, author of American Occult,  Rapper Jay-Z regularly uses specialist Occult knowledge and symbolism, especially in the music video for his new single, “Run this Town.”

When interviewed, Horowitz pointed out Jay-z’s use of the phrase “Peace God”.  “Peace God” is a typical Five Percenter greeting.  Also known as the Nation of Gods and Earths, Five Percenters teach that the original black man is God and that all men are potentially God.
A phrase like ‘Peace God’ does not find its way into someone’s vernacular by accident,” Horowitz says. “He’s making a very definite statement.”

Sorry, but at Upon Reflection, we need a little more convincing – after all, Jay-Z was brought up in New York, home of the Five Percenters.   Horowitz adds fuel to his fire, mentioning that in the video, Jay-Z is wearing a top emblazoned with the phrase “do what thou wilt”.
“That has very deep roots in modern occult culture. The full expression is ‘Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.’ That was one of the key maxims of the British occultist Aleister Crowley.” says Horowitz

Rocawear, Jay-Z’s clothing line uses masonic symbols in their design – and while Horowitz stresses that he is not suggesting the rapper is a Mason, he says that Jay-Z is simply “a master at using subversive imagery.”

What are your thoughts? A master of the Occult, or a product of his environment?