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2009 October | Upon Reflection


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Rune stone from 400AD discovered

In the city of Mandal in Norway this month, a unique Rune stone has been found, and experts are examining it in an attempt to figure out if it marks a burial site. This is the first rune stone discovered in Norway since 1947, and the find is described as a sensation by the experts.


TV’s Lost uses Hieroglyphics to hint at plot lines

The poster for the latest season of the hit show ‘Lost’ looks simple enough – silhouetted cast with the words ‘Final Season’ below, but looking closer, there are hieroglyphic symbols within the words. I have to put the word’s ‘spoiler alert’ here – just so no one complains…

Dr. James Allen, Wilbour Professor of […]

International Day for Natural Disaster Reduction

The UN hold International Day for Natural Disaster Reduction today, on 14th October. It takes place within the framework of the World Disaster Reduction Campaign 2008–2009. The theme of the Campaign is “Hospitals Safe from Disasters: Reduce Risk, Protect Health Facilities, Save Lives”.

Don’t think that it’s too late for you to get involved, […]

The Little Giant Encylopedia of Runes

Just a quick review of a teeny wee reference book on Runes…

Pros – Lots of information on the Runes and on Rune Casting – Has a great section on dream incubation with runes, i.e. dealing with daily problems during sleep. – Great as an introduction for a novice, but also handy as a reference […]

Taiwan aborigines pass on witchcraft tradition

The indigenous Paiwan tribe in Taiwan has recently started a class to train young people in the traditional skills of witchcraft that they have practiced for centuries. Witchcraft is an important ancient ritual for the Paiwan, the mediums who practiced it treated diseases, prayed for the community, blessed people and protected them from evil.

“In […]