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2010 January | Upon Reflection


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Free trial now at Find My Past

We’ve posted about Find My Past before now, but since the kind people are celebrating 2010 with a Free Trial for new customers, we thought it was worth telling you about. Find My Past is a company based entirely around helping people build their family tree. The beauty of their system is that all of their records are online, giving you instant access to them and making it really quick and easy to research your UK history and create a family tree. You can search census records, births, deaths and marriages. So for everyone who has always wondered about their history, but never enough to splash the cash, this is the perfect solution. […]

Dinosaur tracks to be protected

Just a quick post, but after seeing the photo attached with this story I couldn’t resist. According to the BBC, dinosaur tracks made up to 165 million years ago in the Oxfordshire mudflats are to be protected as part of a geological conservation site. Up to 40 sets of tracks at Ardley Trackways, near Bicester, […]

The gift of Nothing

Know someone who has everything? Then give them nothing. This was kindly gifted to our office since we (quote) “Like meditation and stuff” (end quote).

On the box it suggests that the gift is the “ultimate in minimalism”. We were supposed to meditate, to “Allow nothing to flow through your mind and calm your soul” […]

Build your own Stonehenge

After reading out last article about the Winter Solstice at Stonehenge, a kind reader sent us a link to this brilliant set on Play.com. If you can’t make it to Stonehenge for these incredible festivals, have no fear – you can Build your own Stonehenge and celebrate in the comfort of your own home!

For […]

Meaning of January

January is named after the Roman God Janus. The month originally only had 29 days but Julius changed it to the 31 days that we use to this day. Janus is the God of gates, doors and doorways often depicted with 2 heads facing in opposite directions. One head is said to look into the […]