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Chakra Meditation Techniques

The chakras should be in harmony with each other, not too closed or too open for the optimum balance in our lives, there are various meditation techniques in use that help to balance our chakras.
Some people like to use crystals in conjunction with the chakras, placing particular crystals on specific points to enhance or heal. This can be either using crystals of the same colour as the chakra to recharge it or using stones like clear quartz to purify the point.

The Space Suit

One of the first exercises to try is to put on a ‘space suit’. This is a way of forming a protective layer around you, fortifying your aura to reflect negative energies. To do this, relax and imagine that you can ‘see’/feel your aura moving and pulsing around you, try and form this into shapes likes walls, shields, overalls. Some like to imagine it more as donning a suit of armour or pulling on a pair of overalls.

Energy Apples

Concentrate on whatever chakra you wish to energise, try to imagine a small pulse that grows in mass and colour. Now sweep your hand over the area scooping some of the mass in your hand. Concentrate on this mass using both hands to shape it into a ball whilst visualising your desires (you should feel the increase of energy in your fingertips). Some people then like to ‘eat’ this energy as though it were an apple, others like to sweep it back over the chakra they borrowed it from and feel it being reabsorbed, others again like to make a wish and blow on it feeling it disappear into the world.

The Body

Lie on the ground in a relaxed position and let thoughts of everyday life dissolve. Try and tune into your aura encasing you in swirling strands of energy, then concentrate on the red chakra, feel it grow and open up colouring your entire aura with its reddish haze. Then move onto your orange chakra, feeling it open up until the red in your aura is replaced by orange, continue through each of your chakras until you come to the white chakra this is also known as the many coloured lotus, imagine this opening up and pouring white light into your aura making you feel completely purified and re-energised