Egyptian Gods and Goddeses Hieroglyphs


Egyptian Gods and Goddesses

The ancient Egyptians are believed to have had as many as two thousand Gods and Goddesses.

The roles of these Gods were varied, some of them being major deities and controlling important aspects of Egyptian life whereas others were minor deities and held very specific roles such as looking after child birth or were demons and genies.

In time more detail will be added to each of the individual Egyptian Gods and Goddesses to cover mythology, statues and history. There will also be more Gods and Goddesses added.

Please click on the image to be taken to a larger example of the hieroglyphic symbol.

Egyptian Gods and Goddesses

Hieroglyphs God or Goddess
Egyptian God Amen Ra Hieroglyphs Amen Ra
Egyptian God Amun Hieroglyphs Amun
Egyptian Goddess Hathor Hieroglyphs Hathor
Egyptian God Horus Hieroglyphs Horus
Egyptian Goddess Isis Hieroglyphs Isis
Egyptian God Osiris Hieroglyphs Osiris

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