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2. K’un

i Ching Symbols: 2. K’un


Earth Above Earth Below
Persistance and endurance are the watchwords of the moment, particularly where financial and other practical situations are concerned. Provided you do not lose heart and let yourself be discouraged, your efforts will bring you success on all levels. According to an ancient Chinese sage, this hexagram indicates that the time has come “to find friends in the South and West rather than the North and East”. Sometimes this hexagram literally indicates that you should put reliance on those friends that stay to the South or West of your home. Most usually, however, the injunction must be interpretated in accordance with ancient symbolism; in this case it simply means: “don’t relax; intense and patient effort is called for”. This hexagram is the most feminine of all the symbols and can sometimes signify that a subtle and perhaps mysterious person might be the means for solving your problems.