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Finger Ogham Auricular Finger

Finger Ogham Auricular Finger

Each of the ogam characters has a specific place on the left hand, the consonants are positioned on the fingers themselves whereas the vowels are at the base of the fingers.
The consonants are representative of the different lunar months whilst the vowels represent the solar cycles. Five has always been seen as a sacred number traditionally associated with the goddesses and the changing cycles. It is seen as the number which represents the variety and colour of our three dimensional space representing our senses and the five elements: earth, air, fire,water and the soul, these in turn correspond with the seasons. The five tree vowels are known as the “Sweet Cauldron of the Five Trees” which are represented in Robert Graves’ poem.

Ogham Finger Divination

Finger Ogam was used as a form of divination, the left hand was held over either an object or a person and meditated upon. Where ever a vibration or tingle is felt this signifies the answers and circumstances regarding the question.

The little finger is thought of as the revealer of hidden information if it is placed in the ear. It is regarded as the finger of inspiration and creativity.

Finger Part Tree Meanings
finger_ogham_17 Ash Ash symbol of rebirth urges us to journey between the lower and upper worlds and seek our vision.
finger_ogham_18 Crab Apple The apple is strongly connected to the land of the faery appearing in many myths and legends. It is seen as the indicator of gifts relating to inspiration, vision and intuition.
finger_ogham_19 Elder Elder represents birth, death and rebirth and is telling us to accept the cycles of life and death, to confront our fears of dying or living. Representing both protection and damage with its dual nature, if the tingle is sharp it is warning us to protect ourselves.
finger_ogham_20 Yew Yew reminds us that we should be working within all life and natures cycles to lead to a more balanced and harmonious life. In addition it is asking us to look inside ourselves and confront our shadows and fears.