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Finger Ogham The Thumb

Ogham Finger Alphabet

Each of the ogam characters has a specific place on the left hand, the consonants are positioned on the fingers themselves whereas the vowels are at the base of the fingers.
The consonants are representative of the different lunar months whilst the vowels represent the solar cycles. Five has always been seen as a sacred number traditionally associated with the goddesses and the changing cycles. It is seen as the number which represents the variety and colour of our three dimensional space representing our senses and the five elements: earth, air, fire,water and the soul, these in turn correspond with the seasons. The five tree vowels are known as the “Sweet Cauldron of the Five Trees” which are represented in Robert Graves’ poem.

Ogham Finger Divination

Finger Ogam was used as a form of divination, the left hand was held over either an object or a person and meditated upon. Where ever a vibration or tingle is felt this signifies the answers and circumstances regarding the question.

The thumb though most dominant is of a more silent nature and is seen more as a phallic symbol. The thumb usually held seal rings which were sometimes charms to maintain virility.

Finger Part Tree Meanings
finger_ogham_01 Birch Birch speaks of the need to protect oneself from all harms, physical and spiritual. Bad things are to be dealt with to ensure there are no left over hindrances.
finger_ogham_02 Hawthorn Hawthorn is the need for protection against all ills invoking the aid of the underworld. it is seen as the faery tree which can be climbed down to reach the advice of the ancestors. Look to your past for answers to the present.
finger_ogham_03 Vine Vine represents the ability to gather all your resources needed from over a wide area or range. Once gathered these lead to inner development. It advises us to take stock of the situation and take stock of what is needed to successfully master the moment.
finger_ogham_04 Elm The elm represents god-like strength, the strength that is needed to rise above adversity. just like the elm tree rising above all other trees in the forest we must sometimes stand out and voice our opinions.