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ogham tree alphabet 1

Ogham Tree Alphabet

Ogham was sometimes known as the tree alphabet.

The druids and the celts had a close affinity with nature and trees in particular. Many of the attributes of the trees had a more practical value as well, used to signify bad areas in the country side etc. They were used as a secret code to warn or provide extra information to those who were in the know. Many of the celtic religious ceremonies were carried out in sacred groves with specific trees used to symbolise specific energies and magicks.

The trees mentioned here specifically relate to the ogam alphabet and have been split up into the relevant sets to correspond with the alphabet if you are looking for a tree that cant be found here check out the plantlore section.

Apearance Tree Letter Meanings
trees_birch Birch B Birch is one of the first trees to grow on bare soil and has come to symbolize fertility, healing and rebirth. The tree itself was used for almost everything from canoes to producing sugar and represents that which is needed for everyday living. It is known for its protective healing abilities and is used to drive out evil spirits and as protection from the faery folk.
trees_rowan Rowan L The rowan is also known as the mountain ash and the witchtree (because of the pentagram that can be found at the base of its berries). It has always been regarded as an aid for protection against evil charms and enchantment. It is believed that if it is planted at the gate of your garden it will ward away evil spirits, if used as a walking stick it will protect the traveller from evil and guide him home safely. In addition it is associated with astral travel, vision and healing. The berries and leaves are dried and burned as incense to invoke spirits, familiars, spirit guides, and the elements.
trees_alder Alder F The Alder is an unusual tree, it is waterloving yet is also highly combustible, making it very sacred as it combines the elements water and fire. Because of its fierce flame it is sometimes known as the warrior tree, its symbolism being that of strength, tenacity and determination. Because of its resistance to water it can be used to hold water elementals and negative spirits. Dyes can be made from its bark, flowers and twigs, one of which was red which the druids used to dye their faces during rituals.
trees_willow Willow S The Willow is regarded as feminine and is closely associated with the moon and water. It is seen as a melancholic tree representing sadness, it is believed sitting underneath it will soothe the emotions and banish depression and sadness. In addition it was associated to love, healing, rhythms, and the gaining of eloquence, inspiration, growth and skills. It is said to protect from enchantment.
trees_ash Ash N Ash also referred to as Yggdrasil in Northern Europe and known as the world tree was very sacred to the druids. Its main symbolism being that of stability as it links the inner and otherworlds. It is used in spells that require focus and strength and is often used to banish mental strife. It is said that if you put its leaves under your pillow it will induce psychic dreams.