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ogham tree alphabet 2

Ogham Tree Alphabet

Ogham was sometimes known as the tree alphabet.

The druids and the celts had a close affinity with nature and trees in particular. Many of the attributes of the trees had a more practical value as well, used to signify bad areas in the country side etc. They were used as a secret code to warn or provide extra information to those who were in the know. Many of the celtic religious ceremonies were carried out in sacred groves with specific trees used to symbolise specific energies and magicks.

The trees mentioned here specifically relate to the ogam alphabet and have been split up into the relevant sets to correspond with the alphabet if you are looking for a tree that cant be found here check out the plantlore section.

Apearance Tree Letter Meanings
trees_white_thorn Whitethorn H Also known as the Hawthorn, its is considered to be one of the most powerful trees. It is closely associated with witchcraft, protection, fertility. It is often used for love/marriage spells and protection with its powers of dispelling negative energy and strife. The hawthorn is said to stand at the doors of the otherworld and is sometimes called the faery tree and can be found ‘guarding’ cemeteries and holy places. The tree except in May is usually regarded as a very unlucky tree due to its contradictory nature of having beautiful flowers and deadly thorns.
trees_oak Oak D Oak has always been respected by nearly all world cultures. Admired for its strength and size it represents strength, endurance and power. Because it is often struck by lightening it has become associated with having the ability to attract inspiration, wisdom and illumination. Oak galls were known as Serpent Eggs and were used in magic and charms. It has also been associated with fertility. The oak is considered very sacred to the druids and there name has even been linked as a derivative of duir (oak).
trees_holly Holly T Holly is associated with the cycle of death and rebirth representing winter winning over summer. With this symbolism in mind it is good for spells that involve sleep or rest. Because of its bristles and its use in making spears it is closely associated with combat and protection, warding away evil spirits and also signifying the virtues of balance and directness. It is favoured during the winter season as lucky with its beautiful leaves and berries being very colourful against the dead landscape giving hope for the following summer during the dark months.
trees_hazel Hazel C The hazel is considered one of the most important trees it is very closely related to the salmon, who eats its nuts of poetic wisdom. Its associations are: intuition; poetry; divination; meditation; wisdom; knowledge and fertility. The nuts have been eaten to gain knowledge, they have also been used as part of a hallucinogenic brew to induce visions. In addition many love spells and aphrodisiacs can be made from its nut.
trees_apple Apple Q The apple tree represents youth, beauty, and love. It features in most major myths as the fruit that keeps the gods young/immortal. Its juice can be used to infer strength and beauty. It was also seen as the fruit of choice seen in the myth of the bible and also of Paris and the three goddesses. It is commonly used for spells regarding love and healing.