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ogham tree alphabet 3

Ogham Tree Alphabet

Ogham was sometimes known as the tree alphabet.

The druids and the celts had a close affinity with nature and trees in particular. Many of the attributes of the trees had a more practical value as well, used to signify bad areas in the country side etc. They were used as a secret code to warn or provide extra information to those who were in the know. Many of the celtic religious ceremonies were carried out in sacred groves with specific trees used to symbolise specific energies and magicks.

The trees mentioned here specifically relate to the ogam alphabet and have been split up into the relevant sets to correspond with the alphabet if you are looking for a tree that cant be found here check out the plantlore section.

Apearance Tree Letter Meanings
trees_vine Vine M The vine has been cultivated for a very long time throughout Europe and is one of the greatest suppliers of wine. Due to the heady effects of wine this plant was associated with the loss of inhibitions and the loosening of the tongue. It represents the release of prophetic powers and the revealing of truths.
trees_ivy Ivy G Ivy is able to thrive and grow in almost all environments, it is extremely strong and is very difficult to destroy. Its stalks grow in what appears a helix and therefore represents the growing spiral of self enlightenment that was sacred to the celts. It symbolizes the soul and its journeys both inner and outer on its search for nourishment.
trees_broom Broom NG Broom is the equivelant of Furze or gorse and was also used to sweep ritualistic areas to purify them. It is set on fire to burn away all the old growth and make way for the new. It is seen as a good plant to use when wanting to make new starts or begin new ventures.
trees_blackthorn Blackthorn St(z) Blackthorn is a winter tree and is very hardy, it has black bark and is armed with vicious thorns and can be found growing in dense thickets. Its wood and its thorns are used for offensive magic like thundersticks or piercing effigies. The plant itself has come to represent fate or outside influences that must be followed.
trees_elder Elder R Elder is well known for its regenerative properties, it can easily regrow damaged branches and roots quickly from any part. It represents the end in the beginning and the beginning in the end. It was considered by some as unlucky as it was the abode of witches, but to others it was the tree of second sight that allowed you to see the faery folk. It was a sacred tree and it was not allowed to be damaged in anyway the druids used it both for spells and curses. It was believed that if you bathed your eyes in the sap of the wood it allowed you to see faeries and witches.