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Ogham Tree Alphabet

Ogham was sometimes known as the tree alphabet.

The druids and the celts had a close affinity with nature and trees in particular. Many of the attributes of the trees had a more practical value as well, used to signify bad areas in the country side etc. They were used as a secret code to warn or provide extra information to those who were in the know. Many of the celtic religious ceremonies were carried out in sacred groves with specific trees used to symbolise specific energies and magicks.

The trees mentioned here specifically relate to the ogam alphabet and have been split up into the relevant sets to correspond with the alphabet if you are looking for a tree that cant be found here check out the plantlore section.

Apearance Tree Letter Meanings
trees_silver_fir Silver Fir A The fir is a tall slender tree that grows in mountainous regions, its cones respond to the environment by opening with the sun and closing with rain. Because of its height it indicates aspiring views, far sight and clear vision. In addition it symbolizes flexibility, astuteness and the ability to change. Its wood is considered good for magic that involves shapeshifting and other changing magics.
trees_furze Furze O Furze, or gorse was used to sweep important areas and is seen as a purifier. It is said that burning the blooms and shoots will calm the wind, it is also set on fire to burn away all the old growth and make way for the new. It is seen as a good plant to use when wanting to make new starts or begin new ventures.
trees_heather Heather U Heather grows in great abundance and helps form vegetation known as heath this is believed to be the source of the phrase heathen as many ceremonies of this nature were carried out on the heath. Its blossoms can be made into tea and it is a great producer of honey with the aid of the spirit messengers – bees. It has come to represent healing and a way to be closer to the otherworld.
trees_poplar White Poplar E The poplar or aspen is also known as the whispering and quivering tree due to the fact that its leaves move and rustle with almost every murmur of the wind. It is a very hardy tree and has come to represent protection and durability. The tree has the ability to shield and resist, and is closely associated with the gifts of speech and wind.
trees_yew Yew I The Yew tree is sometimes regarded as the most sacred tree to the druids with it symbolism of death and rebirth (due to the fact that the outer tree dies and a new tree grows within). It represents transformation & reincarnation and may be used to enhance magical/psychic abilities as well as induce vision. All parts of the yew are poisonous apart from the berry covering and it was used to poison weapons, it was also used to make bows.