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Ogham Tree Alphabet

Ogham was sometimes known as the tree alphabet.

The druids and the celts had a close affinity with nature and trees in particular. Many of the attributes of the trees had a more practical value as well, used to signify bad areas in the country side etc. They were used as a secret code to warn or provide extra information to those who were in the know. Many of the celtic religious ceremonies were carried out in sacred groves with specific trees used to symbolise specific energies and magicks.

The trees mentioned here specifically relate to the ogam alphabet and have been split up into the relevant sets to correspond with the alphabet if you are looking for a tree that cant be found here check out the plantlore section.

Apearance Tree Letter Meanings
trees_aspen Aspen EA The Aspen has much symbolism to do with christianity and the devil, the reasons being: Christs cross was made from aspen and Judas was supposed to have hanged himself from this tree. The tree itself is used to commune with the otherworld – demons in particular and is used for protection against the forces of darkness.
trees_spindle_tree Spindle Tree OI The wood of the spindle tree is bright, colourful and was used to make spindles. With this in mind we can see why it came to embody creative inspiration, purification, initiation and blessings.
trees_honeysuckle Honeysuckle UI Also known as Woodbine this represents attraction and sweetness, it is useful for spells concerning glamours or attracting something into your life.
trees_pine Pine IA Its title of old was “the sweetest of woods” and it is favoured for its vitamin C. It governs issues concerning clear thought and preservation.
trees_witch_hazel Witch Hazel AE This symbolizes absorption and cleansing. In times of old it was used to treat acne and skin complaints. Due to its ability to absorb it is used to absorb attacks and negativity therefore purifying areas and objects.