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robert graves poem

Robert Graves Poem

The five tree vowels are known as the “Sweet Cauldron of the Five Trees” which are represented in Robert Graves’ poem.
The consonants are representative of the different lunar months whilst the vowels represent the solar cycles. Five has always been seen as a sacred number traditionally associated with the goddesses and the changing cycles. It is seen as the number which represents the variety and colour of our three dimensional space representing our senses and the five elements: earth, air, fire,water and the soul, these in turn correspond with the seasons.

Tree powers, finger tips,
First pentad of the four,
Discover all your poet asks
Drumming on his brow.

Birch peg, throbbing thumb,
By power of divination,
Birch, bring him news of love;
Loud the heart knocks.

Rowan rod, forefinger,
By power of divination
Unriddle him a riddle;
The key’s cast away.

Ash, middle finger,
By power of divination
Weatherwise, fool otherwise,
Mete him out the winds.

Alder, psychic finger,
By power of divination
Diagnose all maladies
Of a doubtful mind.

Willow wand, ear finger,
By power of divination
Force confessions from the mouth
Of a mouldering corpse.

Finger-ends, five twigs,
Trees, true-divining trees,
Discover all your poet asks
Drumming on his brow.