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anglosaxon runes futhark

Anglo Saxon Rune Symbol Alphabet

The Anglo Saxon alphabet is also known as futhorc and derives from the 24 rune eldar futhark.
It is believed to have been used from the 5th century onwards.

Rune Symbols

Rune Name Letter Meaning
anglo_saxon_runes_feoh feoh F wealth
anglo_saxon_runes_ur ur U aurochs
anglo_saxon_runes_thorn thorn TH thorn
anglo_saxon_runes_os os O god/mouth
anglo_saxon_runes_rad rad R riding
anglo_saxon_runes_cen cen C torch
anglo_saxon_runes_gyfu gyfu G generosity
anglo_saxon_runes_wenne wenne W bliss
anglo_saxon_runes_haegl haegl H hail
anglo_saxon_runes_nyd nyd N trouble
anglo_saxon_runes_is is I ice
anglo_saxon_runes_ger ger J summer
anglo_saxon_runes_eoh eoh Y yew
anglo_saxon_runes_peord peord P chessman
anglo_saxon_runes_eolh eolh Z sedge
anglo_saxon_runes_sigel sigel S sun
anglo_saxon_runes_tir tir T tyr
anglo_saxon_runes_beorc beorc B birch
anglo_saxon_runes_eh eh E horse
anglo_saxon_runes_man man M man
anglo_saxon_runes_lagu lagu L ocean
anglo_saxon_runes_ing ing NG ing
anglo_saxon_runes_ethel ethel OE estate
anglo_saxon_runes_daeg daeg D day
anglo_saxon_runes_ac ac A oak
anglo_saxon_runes_aesc aesc AE ash
These last three runes have been included because they have been found on many artifacts, though their exact meaning is still uncertain.
Rune Name Letter Meaning
anglo_saxon_runes_yr yr Y bow?
anglo_saxon_runes_ear ear EA grave?
anglo_saxon_runes_iar IAR IO otter?