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Hagal's Futhark

The Elder Futhark is the oldest form of the runic alphabet being used from the 2nd to the 8th century.
Hagal means hail as in hailstones i.e irregular lumps of ice that fall like rain during storms.

Elder Futhark Hagal's Eight

Rune Name Letter Meaning Divinatory Meaning
bb1_hagalaz hagalaz H Hail Known as the weather rune this covers challenges or uncontrolled forces both inner and outer.
bb2_nauthiz nauthiz N Need This isn’t needy as such, it is pointing out that the things you need you probably already have they only have to be worked at. Self preservation is another keyword.
bb3_isa isa I Ice A period of inaction, reaching a standstill or emotional cooling. (I personally prefer to think of it as a quality or opportunity that is still to thaw).
bb4_jera jera J Year or Harvest Here we see the reaping of rewards for past efforts. It can be seen as the end of something and the start of something new.
bb5_eihwaz eihwaz Y Yew The yew tree is an ancient wisdom keeper and the gateway to the otherworld. Because of this it is known as the shaman rune (representing the ability of the shaman to control/mould the unshaped energy of the otherworld) standing for motivation and transformation.
bb6_pertho pertho p A Dice Cup The cups were often used for divination and gambling that is why this is seen as Fate. It urges you to make your own choices and take charge of your own destiny.
bb7_algiz algiz Z Elk The rune said to be a pictorial representation of an elk with its massive antlers is seen as the protection rune.
bb8_sowulo sowulo S Sun The sun with its life-giving light and warmth can be seen as the life force. Its meaning is good fortune, health and happiness.