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Rune Associations and Meanings

Runes can represent a letter as well as a word and in more modern times we have seen them being used for representing many different things with regards to spirituality.
Below are some of the most popular associations for the rune symbols covering colours, herbs, trees and gemstones.

Rune Associations

Rune Name Colour Tree Herb Gemstone
rune_associations_feoh feoh light red elder nettle moss agate
rune_associations_uruz uruz dark green birch sphagnum moss carbuncle
rune_associations_thurisaz thurisaz bright red thorn houseleek sapphire
rune_associations_ansuz ansuz dark blue ash fly agaric emerald
rune_associations_raido raido bright red oak mugwort chrysoprase
rune_associations_ken ken light red pine cowslip bloodstone
rune_associations_gifu gifu deep blue ash/elm heartsease opal
rune_associations_wunjo wunjo yellow ash flax diamond
rune_associations_hagalaz hagalaz light blue ash/yew lily of the valley onyx
rune_associations_nauthiz nauthiz black beech bistort lapis lazuli
rune_associations_isa isa black alder henbane cats-eye
rune_associations_jera jera light blue oak rosemary cornelian
rune_associations_eoh eoh dark blue yew mandrake topaz
rune_associations_peorth peorth black beech aconite aquamarine
rune_associations_eohz eohz gold yew aconite aquamarine
rune_associations_sigel sigel white/silver juniper mistletoe ruby
rune_associations_tyr tyr bright red oak sage coral
rune_associations_birca birca dark green birch lady’s mantle moonstone
rune_associations_ehwaz ehwaz white oak/ash ragwort iceland spar
rune_associations_mannaz mannaz deep red holly madder garnet
rune_associations_laguz laguz deep green willow leek pearl
rune_associations_inguz inguz yellow apple self-heal amber
rune_associations_daegaz daegaz light blue spruce clary diamond
rune_associations_odal odal deep yellow hawthorn clover ruby