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rune divination

Rune Divination

It is believed that the use of runes for divinatory purposes has existed from the Germanic tribes who used numerous forms of divination and omens in their everyday life.
Most modern practitioners use runes made of clay, wood or stone for their divination purposes. As with all things concerning spiritual matters it all boils down to personal preferences with what methods you use to divine. I personally find that using the placements makes no difference compared with picking however many runes you seem fit, other than to allow you to focus (if you need it). Below are a few examples to get you started, you should think of your question then proceed to pick the runes from their container (preferably a bag) placing them in their relevant positions. (A piece of advice: the runes can sometimes be a bit vague so don’t only read them as singular statements try and form an intuitive blend almost like an overall story). Good luck

The Three Stone Rune Spread

  1. Past
  2. Present
  3. Future

The Four Element Rune Spread

  1. Earth – Represents all physical lessons
  2. Water – Represents emotional lessons
  3. Fire – Represents spiritual lessons closely linked to unfolding future
  4. Air – Represents place where you should seek wisdom for the future

Thor's Hammer Rune Spread

I personally like this because regardless of what the runes say it at least allows you to crystallise your own thoughts on the subjects and any amount of soul searching is always a good thing.

    1. What mask do I show the world?
    2. What fears are within me?
    3. What am I seeking?
    4. How should I best approach this?
    5. What do I hope to become?
    6. What is stopping me?
    7. What is my destiny?
    8. What do I need to learn to find my true self?
    9. What is my true self?