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rune encryption

Rune Symbol Encryption Techniques

Runes should be encrypted as their power will increase when they are done in secret.
There are different ways to encrypt runes but here are the three most commonly used.

Rune Binding

This is the basics to spell casting and is achieved through combining the runes to form a new rune shape. e.g. using teiwaz and fehu would be financial success.

Rune Futhark Method

A plain vertical line can be used with strokes from the right and left. The left side of the stroke represents which set the rune belongs to and the right side refers to where the letter comes in the set. e.g. RUNIC raido(R) is in the 1st set (i.e. freya’s) and 5th in order, uruz(u) is also in the 1st set and is 2nd in order, etc.

Beard method

I find this method a bit lengthy but it is sometimes nice to incorporate them into your paintings as a hidden meaning or unobtrusive signature. This follows the same principles as the Futhark method, the left side of the beard represents which set it belongs to and the right represents the sequence of the rune. (as you might be thinking this can get pretty cluttered)