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Viking Rune Symbol Alphabet

The Viking rune alphabet is also known as the Younger Futhark or Scandinavian runes.
The futhark itself is a reduced form of the Eldar Futhark comprising of only 16 characters. This is believed to have been in use from around the 8th Century.

Rune Symbols

Rune Name Letter Meaning
viking_runes_fe fe F wealth
viking_runes_ur ur U drizzle
viking_runes_thurs thurs UR giant
viking_runes_oss oss O god
viking_runes_reid reid R riding
viking_runes_kaun kaun K ulcer
viking_runes_hagall hagall H hail
viking_runes_naud naud N constraint
viking_runes_iss iss I ice
viking_runes_ar ar A plenty
viking_runes_soi soi S sun
viking_runes_tyr tyr T tyr
viking_runes_biarkan bjarkan B birch
viking_runes_madr madr M man
viking_runes_logr logr L water
viking_runes_yr yr Z bow?